EEE 4999

EEE 4999 Capstone Project (1+4) 3

As an outcome of the engineering education a student should be able to tackle an engineering problem and solve that particular problem using his/her acquired engineering knowledge and skills, within constraints of time and money. Moreover, developed communicational skills are required to convey that solution to client. EEE 4999 Capstone Project acts as a preliminary practice of real-world experiences. Students are assigned engineering problems and are required to come up with feasible solutions. Moreover they are expected to prepare reports abiding with a pre-determined format and to give a presentation on their work at the end of the semester.

Prerequisite: Graduating status Objectives and Goals: Students are expected to

  • Identify an engineering problem and divide it into smaller sub problems to apply previous knowledge to solve each sub problem.
  • Produce alternative solutions to the problem and analyze different solutions in terms of cost, time, work, maintenance, efficiency etc.
  • Provide a proposal for the selected solution.
  • Prepare and manage a project plan.
  • Implement a conceptual design specified in the proposal.
  • Gain skills on solving unexpected problems.
  • Provide a working demo of the project.
  • Gain report writing and presentation skills.
  • Apply knowledge on engineering ethics and responsibility.

Student Work: Log-book: Each student is required to have a log-book and maintain an up-to-date record of project progress. Students are expected to have their logbooks with them at every weekly project meeting.

Weekly Progress Report: Each student should submit a short report, a paragraph for the past week’s activities and a paragraph for the plans for the next week.

Project Proposal: A project proposal is written to make an offer and to try to convince a supervisor or a future customer to accept it. The students write this proposal to convince their advisors that their product is worth producing. It should include the specific objectives of project, technical approach to be used in solving the problem or developing the product, estimated budget and the anticipated results of the project. The proposal should outline the solutions to the design problem. Alternative solutions should be generated, and one of them should be selected. Selected alternative is progressed at least to the conception state. Steps to take design from concept to completion should be planned.

Final Project Report: A thorough report that summarizes the results of entire design effort. In this report, there should be sections such as design description, technical details, user manual, and budget. This report should be printed and bounded. In addition, the students are required to submit a CD that contains the Final Project Report (both in .doc and .pdf format), project presentation document (in .pps or .pdf format), and relevant codes and application programs.

Timeline for EEE 4999

  1. By the end of the 4th week: Submit the project proposal. If the student fails to submit the proposal by the deadline, s/he may fail the course.
  2. On the last day of courses: Submit the final report including a CD. If a student fails to submit the final report by the deadline, s/he may fail the course.
  3. After finals: Presentations. A jury of three faculty members will evaluate the performance of the student.