EEE 4997

Capstone Project I

EEE 4997 Capstone Project I (1+4) 3

This course is the first part of the two semester long capstone project. In the theoretical part of the course, there will be lectures on fundamental design methodology, project management, report writing, presentation skills, etc. In the applied part of the course, the students are supposed to pick a project among the projects offered by the department and develop a written proposal using the concepts covered in the theoretical part. The students must continue working on the same project in EEE 4998 Capstone Project II as well. Both oral and written reports will be required.

Prerequisite: Graduating status


•To provide design experience to students and familiarize them with project management methodology

•To provide the ability to understand and redefine a given engineering problem, and the ability to develop a conceptual design

•To provide the ability to synthesize previous knowledge in order to solve a problem

•To improve students’ ability to communicate in formal oral and written English

Catalog Description

Student Work for EEE 4997

Log-book: Each student is required to have a log-book and maintain an up-to-date record of project progress. Students are expected to have their logbooks with them at every weekly project meeting.

Weekly Progress Report: Each student should submit a short report, a paragraph for the past week’s activities and a paragraph for the plans for the next week.

Pre-proposal: Brief description of the project, evaluation criteria for the project selection, objectives of the project, general description of the solutions, time-table until the submission of the proposal. This report should be a single page.

Project Proposal: A project proposal is written, to make an offer and to try to convince a supervisor or a future customer to accept it. The students write this proposal to convince their advisors that their product is worth producing. It should include the specific objectives of project, technical approach to be used in solving the problem or developing the product, estimated budget and the anticipated results of the project.

Conceptual Design Report: Conceptual designs are outline solutions to a design problem. Alternative solutions should be generated, and one of them should be selected. Selected alternative is progressed at least to the conception state. Steps to take design from concept to completion should be planned. This report differs from the proposal only due to the fact that it contains technical details and is meant for a technically oriented reader. If a student did a comprehensive job on his/her proposal, and have been writing individual weekly progress reports in electronic form, the Conceptual Design Report should take very little time to compile.

Presentation: In this presentation, the students are supposed to give an overview of the semester.

Timeline for EEE 4997

1. 2nd week: Project selections
2. 3rd week: Weekly meetings with project advisors start. From 3rd week on, students are expected to submit weekly progress report for the meetings.
3. 4th week: Submit preliminary proposal (pre-proposal), which is one page document with detailed project description and expected results.
4. 8th week: Submit the project proposal. If the student fails to submit the proposal by the deadline, s/he may fail the course.
5. By the last day of courses: Submit conceptual design report. If the student fails to submit the conceptual design report by the deadline, s/he may fail the course.
6. During finals: Presentations. The jury (project advisor + a faculty member) will evaluate the performance of the student.