EEE 4998

Capstone Project II

EEE 4998 Capstone Project II (0+6) 3

This course is the second part of the two semester long capstone project. The students will continue working on the same project as they did in EEE4997. In this course, the students are expected to implement their proposed solution. Evaluation will be based on how well their project is working with respect to the initial project definition, and on the final reports and presentations.

Prerequisite: EEE 4997


•To provide design experience to the students (if a team project) through teamwork and improve their knowledge on the project management methodology.

•To provide students with the experience of realization of a product from conceptual design to working model

•To improve students’ ability to communicate in formal oral and written English.

Catalog Description

Student Work for EEE 4998

Log-book: Each student is required to have a log-book and maintain an up-to-date record of project progress. Students are expected to have their logbooks with them at every weekly project meeting.

Weekly Progress Report: Each student should submit a short report, a paragraph for the past week’s activities and a paragraph for the plans for the next week.

Design Evaluation Report: Design evaluation is performed to check if the proposed solution will work. It is a multi-disciplined technical review to ensure that the system under review can proceed into system fabrication, demonstration, and test; and can meet the stated performance requirements within cost (budget), schedule, risk, and other system constraints. Indication of any modifications necessitated and made on the system described in the conceptual design report. A rule of thumb is that 75% to 90% of product design should be complete, and that 100% of all critical modules should be complete.

Final Project Report and CD: A thorough report that summarizes the results of entire design effort. In this report, there should be sections such as design description, technical details, user manual, and budget. This report should be printed and bounded. In addition, the students are required to submit a CD that contains the Final Project Report (both in .doc and .pdf format), project presentation document (in .pps or .pdf format), and relevant codes and application programs

Timeline for EEE 4998

1. By the end of the 5th week: Submit design evaluation report. If a student fails to submit the design evaluation report by the deadline, s/he may fail the course.
2. By the end of the 12th week: Implementation deadline.
3. By the last day of courses: Submit hardcopy final report including a CD. If a student fails to submit the final report by the deadline, s/he may fail the course.
4. Right after finals: Presentations. A jury of three faculty members will evaluate the performance of the student.