Evaluation and Grading

The grades for the capstone project course will be based on the progress of the student during the semester (evaluated by the advisor), reports and presentation (evaluated by the committee members). Distribution of points is given in the table below.



Did the student provide all the deliverables on time (attending weekly meetings, report submissions etc.)?

REPORT (30 %)

15 %: Format (Template use, justify text, uniform font, page numbering, figures and captions, tables and captions, referencing)

15 %: Content (Description of the work done, originality, language)


15 %: Format and language

25 %: Content

Final letter grade of the courses will be given according to the table below

90-100    4.00    A

87-89      3.67    A-

84-86      3.33    B+

80-83      3.00    B

77-79      2.67    B-

74-76      2.33    C+

70-73      2.00    C

67-69      1.67    C-

64-66      1.33    D+

60-63      1.00    D

59-0        0.00    F

Students who fail their final project defense will receive an “I” (Incomplete). They will have two weeks of extension after the last day of the finals to complete the project. If the advisor is not convinced that the project is complete after the extension, the student receives ‘F’ and fails the course.