Internship Application Procedure

Training is a period covering at least 30 working days. If desired, students can also choose to do their internship in two different departments or companies of at least 20 business days each. Students who choose to do two internships in one academic holiday must have completed their second academic year. However, in general, we recommend students to do their internship after completing the third academic year.

The company chosen for internship should at least have two Electrical Engineers.

The students, after receiving acceptance from the company to do an internship, will submit the “Internship Application Document” found under “Forms-Documents” on the internship website to their department’s internship coordinator. The students should make sure that the company fills out this form completely, and wet signature and seal are present. There is no due date for the submission of this form to the internship coordinator as long as it is submitted prior to the starting date of the internship.

For students doing their internship in companies outside Istanbul, the application form may also be filled out, scanned, and emailed by the company. The original form can then be submitted together with the internship report at the beginning of the semester.

If the company requests a document that states the internship is mandatory (not all companies require this document), the student should fill out the “Mandatory Internship Document” under “Forms-Documents” on the internship webpage, get it signed by the internship coordinator, and submit it to the company. At this point, the department-related procedures for the internship application are complete.

In addition, the student should complete the insurance procedures with the Personnel Department. The student should submit the required forms for insurance to the Personnel Department at least 3 days, at most 1 month before the beginning of the internship. Students who already have insurance also need to submit these forms to the Personnel Department. Uninsured internships will not be accepted.

The Personnel Department will cover the insurance for as many internships as the student chooses to do. For example, if a student completes 4 internships, all will be insured by the university, even though only one will be counted towards the mandatory internship requirement.

Please read the “Internship Insurance Forms” document carefully. Make sure Annex-2 has wet signature and seal, and bring it together with all other documents listed in Annex-1 to BAU’s Personnel Department. Your insurance will be started with these documents.

Students who choose to do their internship abroad should also apply for insurance by submitting the required forms. The insurance application procedures must be completed before going abroad.

During Internship

During the internship, students prepare an internship report using the sample report template on the internship webpage. At the end of the internship, this report should be printed out and spiral bound. The person responsible of the students during the internship approves the relevant sections and fills out the “Internship Evaluation Form” found on the internship webpage. The Internship Evaluation Form must be must be placed in a sealed envelope.

Things to do After the Internship

In the academic semester following the internship period, the student registers for the Summer Training course during the course registration week. Students who choose to do two internships (20 days each) should register for the Summer Training course after they complete their second internship.

The student will have one month from the beginning of the semester to submit the internship report and internship evaluation form to the internship coordinator. The reports will be evaluated within 2-3 weeks. At the end of this evaluation, insufficient reports will be returned to the students to make the necessary corrections within 2 weeks. If the re-submitted report is found satisfactory, the student passes; otherwise the student fails the course for that semester. The student is not given a third chance to make corrections within the same semester.

Internship Coordinator

Asst.Prof.Dr. M.Eren YILDIRIM

Phone: 0 212 381 08 91