Bitirme Projesi

This page is prepared to provide detailed information regarding the requirements, schedule, and evaluation of EEE 4999 Capstone Project, which is a mandatory course for senior students. The student can register EEE 4999 only if he/she can graduate at the end of the following semester. It is intended to assist students and faculty advisors in planning, managing time, and meeting deadlines. This web site explains the steps and processes for working on the project.

Rules and Guidelines

In the capstone project, the students are expected to design either a hardware or a software product, by synthesizing their previous knowledge. At the end of the course, there will be a project fair (including a competition) where students will demonstrate their projects to the general public..

Capstone project is conducted individually under the supervision of a faculty member. Group projects might be possible, if they are structured in such a way that individual projects combine to form a larger project. Each student in the group will still work and be evaluated independently.

List of available projects will be announced before the classes begin. By the end of the first week, each student will pick at least three projects from that list and send it to the course coordinator. The final assignments of the projects will be done by the department. In case there are no matches between some students and some projects, a second round of selection might be possible. Each faculty member has a quota for project advising and this quota will not be exceeded. The students cannot change the project topic or switch advisors during the course.

EEE 4999 will have weekly meetings with the course coordinator. In these meetings, topics such as fundamentals of design, project management, academic writing, presentation skills, ethics etc. will be covered. In addition to these weekly meetings, each student will have mandatory weekly project meetings with their advisors. Students and their advisors should arrange a fixed time to meet every week.

The advisor is responsible for following the development of the project and reviewing reports, presentations etc. He/she will not provide assistance if the students get stuck on a technical issue. It is not the advisor’s responsibility to tell students exactly what to do. The student is ultimately responsible for all of the project content and implementation.

Budget is an important issue, especially for hardware projects. It should be well justified. Cost-performance efficiency will be a major factor in evaluation process.